Pressed Glass Bowls are made from molten glass by compressing into a hollow mold. It’s available in a sort of mouth-blown and hard-wearing pendants to give you excellent lighting effect. A pressed glass bowl is a lighting material existing in diverse sizes, designs, and shapes. The glass bowl is in diffrent types of thickness, which aids proper reflection and refraction of light from the facade of the shade to compliment the beauty, comfort, cheer, safety, convenience, and value of your living space. 

The pressed glass bowl is available as a wall light and a pendant light. This crystal glass bowl is easy to clean and maintain having an exciting dishwasher-proof feature – a valuable functionality when used in busy areas such as restaurant kitchens, children bedrooms, or in the exteriors. 

A pressed glass bowl creates a blend between old times and modern days. Thick-walled, mold-formed pressed glass has been in use since the earlier times for several industrial applications, including automobile headlights and electrical insulators. Considering the intrinsic refractive qualities of this kind of glass composition, it’s clear that it can produce good lighting that protects the eyes from straining and relaxing. 

Because of its smooth and easy-to-clean surface, high hardness and fantastic surface decoration performance pressed glass bowl contributes to the overall lighting effect of your living space with the benefit of easy maintenance. 

Pressed glass bowl is very simple, stylish in design, and very good in achieving calm look lighting that adds value to your space. Made of a light material and not too heavy, its light transmission is fantastic and produces a good feel for the users. 

A pressed glass bowl is suitable for anyone who cares about beautiful decor. One of the essential features of this lighting material is the ability to gently light and color lightly in the room so that it will produce balanced lighting – not too bright, not too dull, and entice anyone to visit.

More so, it is easier to make a glass shade replacement in case the one in use becomes faulty – though, it’s durable and does not get faulty quickly. Maintaining a glass bowl is less challenging since Chandelier glass parts are accessible and affordable to get.  

Whatever big or small pressed glass bowl in vinage or modern patterns for crystal chandelier,we are pleasure to supply with fair us now !