Glass bell shade

Glass bell shade

Lighting materials exist in different types, forms, and designs with different kinds of functions. Glass bell shade is a unique lighting material that makes lighting experience a beautiful one with unique properties producing perfect lighting effects and adding to the glamour of the décor of your living space. Although Glass bell shade looks very simple, it serves several purposes in lighting and widening lighting options. 

Glass shades are not too to use. You can have them in different colors, sizes, and weight, but that does not lose its scent of passionate beauty. Glass bell shade brings into your living space real magic, with the perfect complement to the overall fashion in a pure sense, giving fresh comfort and setting an excellent relaxing mood.

Meanwhile, it is straightforward and quick to make a glass shade replacement in case the former one has issues. Glass bell shade can be made in different sizes and designs. You can get the exact light decor you desire with glass bell shades by demanding us to help you customize their shapes according to your custom needs, whether for the interiors or the exteriors the lighting result of glass shades is very stunning, 

Generally, glass products are excellent in light transmission, glass pendant shadesantique glass lampshades and other glass lighting items would also serve you perfectly. No light obstacles and your sight will be clear. 

One essential feature of glass shades amongst others is that it does not rust. Your glass shade stays ibn form for a long time. You wouldn’t need replacement glass lamp shades for table lamps since this material dont rust. 

The bulb will indeed get hot after being used for a long time, but glass shades are sound heat absorbers. When the bulb temperature gets high, it has no effect on the room having covered with a glass bell shade. You have the grace to control the heat of the lights in your space when you make use of glass shades. 

Many people go for plastic shade but become troubled when the surface becomes yellow after being used for a long time, affecting the brightness of the light. Glass shades are the best to avoid this.

Glass bell shades are also waterproof – the best choice for the exteriors. You wouldn’t have to worry about the changes in season.

Here just showing very small variety designs ,our partner glass factories carry lots of designs and moulds tools. contact us for more designs or send us your drawing ,we will quote soon.