Dome glass shade

Dome glass shade

Dome glass shade is a beautiful protective shade that allows you to screen a light bulb from a direct view. Its high-quality material and excellent design brings an incredible look and feel to your bedroom or living room, giving your room a perfect compliment and showing it off in an elegant fashion. This glass shade gives off the right amount of light setting the mood of your room with excellent lighting experience. 

Dome glass shade with neck
#J-003 Dia2.75″*H8.26″
# J002 Dia1.96″*H3.54″

What is more interesting than feeling comfortable in your home after returning from a hard day at work? It might seem too simple, but you would be amazed at what wonders this glass shade can do. 

This dome glass shade is best at dispersing the light accurately, ensuring that it is not much bright, gives off beautiful dull light, and still lights up the room – a fantastic display, especially at night. Dome glass shade helps cast a softer, more subtle glow that is not intense on your eyes and makes the atmosphere quite more relaxing,

You can significantly transform your room’s outlook with the use of the glass shade depending on any color and design you wish. With dome glass shade, it’s quicker and easier to alter the mood of your surroundings and give your home a different feel entirely. One of the significant advantages of this glass shade is that it addresses many lighting issues at a minimal price compared to the value you get from it.  

Aside from the quality of the lighting glass shade produces, it adds to the beautiful look of your room – it’s fashionable and decorating. Most women have the interest from their childhood to decorate their house in the most appealing manner beginning from the wall craft to the doormats and the lampshades, they use decorative items to beautify their home in the best possible way.

There are loads of benefits of opting for Dome Glass Shade fixtures. It serves many purposes, very easy to install, durable, and very affordable. 

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